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Phirstend Web Design Packages

Here you will find the base prices for our Custom Web Design Packages, each package is custom-tailored to fit your businesses needs before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Custom Web Design Packages and not sure which one to choose? See our FAQ below or reach out to us anytime.

What is a custom CMS?

Custom CMS is a (Content Management System) which is used to store and organize the content of your companies website. If you are looking to host multiple pages of content and store them along with blog posts a CMS like WordPress is a good idea.

What does Google Analytics do for me?

Google Analytics is used to collect and report data from your website’s traffic, providing you with information about the users on how they find your website, their demographics, age, and other crucial information to develop a marketing strategy.

How do I go ahead and purchase a plan?

If you would like to pay now and speak with us later you can go ahead and choose the package you would like to purchase and an email confirmation will be sent out to you, you will also receive a call from us within 24 hours of purchasing.

What is custom CSS?

Custom CSS is (Cascading Style Sheets) which is used to design the layout and look of your website if you want to modify the way your website looks on both desktop, mobile, and tablets. You will need to use custom CSS to design the layout.

What is the typical turn around time for a new Website?

Usually, we can have most websites developed and submitted to the search engines within 2 weeks depending on the type of website and the depth it could take up to one month which would be the longest turnaround time. Based on your needs we can devote more resources to have your website done as quickly as needed.

What is the major difference between the packages?

Depending on what your company needs are, we will custom tailor each package to fit your business needs. If you are looking to grow quickly we suggest the Enterprise package as you will see the most results in such a short period of time.

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