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Analytics Tracking

Analytics Tracking is by Google provided by Phirstend Digital

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics Tracking

 Phirstend Digital provides you with Google Analytics Training so you can educate you and your company on how to track how your visitors are finding you online. We help you use this data to build and develop key online marketing strategies. If you are looking to take your online marketing to the next level Analytics Data is important.

With Google Analytics Data you will be able to see how many visitors are on your website at any given time and be able to track how those visitors found your website. 

Let us provide you the tools necessary to rocket your business and digital marketing to the next level, we guarantee you won’t want to miss this data.


Live Analytics Dashboard

 Find out exactly where your visitors are coming from geographically and separate them by demographics based on your marketing strategy. No longer waste time guessing on how and where your visitors and potential customers are finding you online we make it clear and front.

With Google Analytics you will be able to skyrocket your website traffic and better organize your marketing strategy.

Add multiple users to your Analytics Dashboard so your team can all contribute and add value to the marketing strategy at hand. We offer monthly reporting of crucial data which can be broken down in laymen terms so even if you are not technical we got you covered.

Google Analytics Dashboard

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